Get an idea of costs before you visit


  Standard Price
Consultation £35.65

10% discount on consultation fee and other selected services available to all patients having their pets vaccinations kept up to date with us

Home Visits

  Standard Price
Home Visit Fee From £129.16


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Dog Primary Course £52.00 Included
Dog Booster £32.00 Included
Dog Booster + Kennel Cough £51.00 Included
Cat Primary Course (Incuding leukaemia) £66.40 Included
Cat Primary Course (Flu and enteritis only) £41.00 Included
Cat Booster (Including Leukaemia) £41.00 Included
Cat Booster (Flu and enteritis only) £30.00 Included
Rabbit VHD and Myxo Vaccine £30.75 Included


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Dog Castrate From £125.45* 20% off
Bitch Spay From £195.39* 20% off
Cat Castrate £39.12 20% off
Cat Spay £55.10 20% off
Rabbit Castrate £76.27 20% off
Rabbit Spay £94.00 20% off

* Exact price according to weight


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Microchip Identification £18.80 Included

A good quality microchip is a simple way of identifying your pet for life.

Senior Pet Clinics

  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Senior Pet Clinic £26.50 £26.50

Our senior pet clinics are free of charge for the check up with the nurse and any further tests or medications taken up at the time are offered at a discounted rate. The senior pet clinic covers:

  • Weight checks
  • Mobility
  • Dental/oral health
  • Lumps and bumps
  • Demeanour and behaviour changes
  • Excessive drinking/toileting
  • Coat changes
  • Fleas, worming and vaccination status

Nurse Clinics

  Standard Price
Vet Nurse Consultation £13.25
Nurse Nutrition Consultation £13.25
Nurse Dental Consultation £13.25

Vet Nurse Consultation: Nail clipping, tick removal, express anal glands, wound checks, ear cleaning/plucking, wash/tidy up and administration of medication and parasite treatment. All can be done within 10 minutes.

Nurse Nutrition Consultation: We advise on all nutritional aspects of your pets needs from puppy/ kitten to geriatric. How to keep your pet in best condition through a body score system and how to maintain their optimum weight. Advice will be given on the correct food choice, treat choice and feeding methods.

Nurse Dental Consultation: Keep your pets teeth and gums sparkling clean. Advice on how to maintain your pet's dental health. A check for gum recession, and broken teeth. Advice and demonstration on tooth brushing, mouth washing but not dental flossing! You will receive a personalised plan.

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