Our most frequently asked questions

How do I register my pet and make an appointment?

All you need to do is phone us on 01773 829544 and register your pet. Appointments are usually available at short notice during our consulting hours however you may have to wait longer if you have requested a specific veterinary surgeon. Otherwise you can register your pet or book an appointment online today!

What happens if my pet requires 24-hour intensive care?

The practice does not offer 24-hour on-site intensive hospitalisation facilities and in patients requiring intensive care overnight are transferred to Vets Now Derby or Alfreton emergency service care providers. In the case of non-intensive inpatient care there is a veterinary surgeon and nurse on call to provide inpatient care at designated times depending on the needs of the patient or alternatively in these cases the patients can be transferred to Vets Now emergency services.

How can I access my pet's records and are these confidential?

All client and patient details and clinical records will be kept confidential in accordance with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons guidelines and the Data Protection Act. Clients will have access to their patient records however the records themselves remain the property of Riverside Veterinary Centre. Copies of patient records can be supplied when requested in writing with the appropriate fee to which is charged to cover administration and printing. This fee is £12.50.

What can I do if I am not happy with my pet's treatment?

Initially discuss this with your veterinary surgeon directly. Most worries are down to communication. We also recommend you see the same veterinary surgeon where possible for more complicated or chronic problems relating to your pet. If you are still not happy then there is a complaints procedure and policy in place. To commence this procedure you will initially required to put your complaint in writing addressed to the veterinary surgeon you have been seeing.

What happens if my pet needs referring for specialist treatment or I would like a second opinion? 

In the event of referral to, or a second opinion requested involving a further veterinary surgeon the following will apply:

The surgery will transfer a full patient history to the superseding veterinary surgeon at the soonest opportunity on hearing from them or in the case of referral before the referral appointment.

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