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  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Initial Consultation £57.00 £57.00
Consultation Re-examination £51.00 £51.00
Home Visits Nurse / Vet £51.07 - £260.00* £51.07 - £260.00*

*Visit charge only. Doesn't include consultation fee or treatments. Distance dependent.

The Pet Health Club includes a health check with the vet every 6 months. Read more here.


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Puppy Vaccination Course (1st and 2nd puppy vaccination) £86.00 Included
Dog Booster Vaccination (L2) £62.00 Included
Dog Booster Vaccination (L4) £62.00 Included
Dog Vaccination Restart £86.00 Included
Dog Kennel Cough Vaccination £50.00* Included
Rabies Vaccination £108.00 £108.00
Cat Vaccination Booster  £68.00 Included
Cat Vaccination Booster (without Felv) £60.98 Included
Cat Vaccination Course (Kitten or restart) £103.00 Included
Rabbit Vaccination (myxo and RHVD combined) £77.00 Included

* Reduced price if given at the same time as other vaccinations.


Dog Standard Price Pet Health Club
Castrate Dog £257.00 £205.60*
Castrate Dog >25kg £295.00 £236.00*
Castrate Dog >45kg £340.00 £272.00*
Spay Dog £355.00 £284.00*
Spay Dog >25kg £407.00 £325.60*
Spay Dog >45kg £500.00 £400.00*


All-inclusive neutering prices include pre and post-operative appointments, routine pain relief and buster collar and initial post-operative food. (where required)

*The Pet Health Club saves 20% on neutering.

Cat Standard Price Pet Health Club
Castrate Cat £94.00 £75.20*
Spay Cat £123.00 £98.40*


Small Furries Standard Price Pet Health Club
Castrate Rabbit £130.00 £104.00*
Spay Rabbit £160.50 £128.40*
Castrate Small Mammal £104.00 N/A
Spay Small Mammal £118.00 N/A
Castrate Ferret £130.00 N/A
Spay Ferret £160.50 N/A
Vasectomy Ferret £230.00 N/A


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Wellness Screening (more info here) £85.00 £63.75
Microchip £33.00 Included*
Express Anal Glands Nurse £33.00 Included**
Clip Claws £25.00 Included**
Dog Dental from £390.00*** 10% off
Cat Dental from £380.00*** 10% off

*Microchips are included on The Pet Health Club, but if the animal is already microchipped owners will receive a £10 voucher to use on any purchases of food, toys and supplements only.

**With The Pet Health Club these are unlimited with veterinary nurses.

***Dental price is only for scale and polish, no extractions or medications.

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